In our country, tennis soccer practice since 1970, but not under this title. In Bucharest, in the period 1982-1989, there have been eight editions in the student's Director of Tennis Cup Balaci foot, organizers are Dl.Sabino Tavares Frederico in collaboration with the Students 'Union Students' Union of Romania and from Romania. The game was still practiced in other parts of the country (Constanta, Ploiesti, Timisoara, Craiova, Brasov, Pitesti, etc.) as the Tennis foot. Also find Cluj-Napoca, as "truth of Cluj" of January 30, 1993, an interview with G. Mihaila, then president of Branch County Soccer-Tennis in the dance said the club founded in 1977 to 1980 " Feet-tennis Scarisoara "trying also then formalize this sport. And in other cities such as Arad, Targu-Mures, Oradea practice "lab-tennis" on swimming, which is actually happening now. All this eventually led to the creation of the Romanian Football Federation, Tennis (FRFT) in 1990 in requests for membership of the club Steaua, Dinamo, Liverpool, metal Bucharest, Rocar, Diesel Engines, Flame Red, Viscofil, Luxor, and Energoutilaj, to which were added demands independent associations and / or the independent players. President and founder of F.R.F.T. was Mr. Ion Sandu.

F.R.F.T. is affiliated to the "International Tennis Association Football" IFTA ie since the beginning of 1990. The first tournament organized by the F.R.F.T. took place in 1993 with 12 teams, and the first Romanian Cup in 1994. In the history of Romanian football, tennis recall founding in 1994, Tennis Professional Football League (LRFTP) under the leadership of Johnny Sandulescu which held its first championship in 1995, the body leading to Football-tennis split into two parts: FRFT and L.R.F.T.P. This separation lasted only one year because it was signed a protocol between the two bodies reaching back to one national championship, held this day.

Of 31. 07. 2002 he founded the Romanian Football Federation-Tennis-County Clubs and Associations (FRFT-CAJ). It manages and oversees the entire football-sports activities Romanian tennis.

Players Romans, from 1992 to present, participated in all Championships (World and European), Cups (World and European Champions) organized FIFTA with good results such as: - four gold medals at World Championships singles (Florin Puric, MUSAT Marian, Ciprian IVANCU and Dorina PAUN);

a gold medal at the European Championship (Florin fleas);
two silver medals at European Championship;
Multiple bronze medals at World and European Cup double and triple the samples.
Were found among the best athletes Florin Puric, MUSAT Marian, Ciprian IVANCU, Dorina Paun and Daniel SASARMAN, etc.., And among the best tehniceni Mr. Dumitru Toma, Sabino Frederico TAVARES, Ion Eparu, etc..


According to existing literature and in the football-tennis own world playing more than 50 years ago in Czechoslovakia, 35 in Romania, etc.. Besides football, tennis (in Czech and Slovak nohejbal) is considered the national sport in these countries. Tradition and football-tennis school Czech and Slovak is strong and well planned in these countries there is professionalism in the clubs. Federation Internationale de Football - Tennis, however, appeared much later than these events.

Thus the February 7, 1987 in Switzerland, the Hotel "Continental" in Niel, representatives of Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland and Romania (the human person football Octavian Popescu) founded the "International Tennis Association Football" IFTA, and in 2003 became Tennis Federation International Football Association FIFTA President of the International Forum was elected Mr. Josef Rothenfluh in Switzerland, and headquarters were established in the Swiss town Biel.

Over time were affiliated I.F.T.A. countries like Hungary, France, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, USA, Brazil, Austria, Australia, Turkey, Congo, Sweden, affiliated international forum, and of course the founding members. In 1991 I.F.T.A. organized the first European Championship as follows: samples of singles and doubles in Hungary (Kaposvar and Szolnok) and triple test in Switzerland (Meiringen), and in 1994 the first World Cup in Brazil (Garanhonnes) and first World Championship in Slovakia (Kosice). Over the 14 years of I.F.T.A. managed to organize the clubs European Cup, first edition carried on in 1996 in Czech Republic (harachov). This became a tradition, the tournament's best four national champions taking place each year. Also I.F.T.A. organized the first edition of the Junior World Championship and Women in 2000, the debut city Kosice (Slovakia).

Besides European and world championships are arranged alternately every two years, in November, the host country is determined by Congress FIFTA which occurs usually in the first quarter of each year.